For our hotels in Chiang Mai we focus service and quality over quantity

Gudi boutique hotel mae rim Gudi Boutique Resort
is a 28 rooms 3 star hotel located only 15-20 minutes from Chiang Mai, at the foot of the Mae Rim mountains and just before hitting the climb up the mountains and the spectacular drive where you’ll have all the major tourist attractions such as elephant camps, ATW tracks, snake farms, Zip lines, shooting ranges – you name it it’s all here next to our hotel
kampaeng ngam hotelKampaeng Ngam Hotel
comprising 44 rooms in total and  located right in the historical city of Chiang Mai within walking distance from all the touristy hot-spots in Chiang Mai and surrounded by great eateries ranging from German breakfast places to traditional and local Thai cuisines
Ban Kong Rao Guesthouse
is a 21 rooms boutique hotel / guesthouse located in the pulsing Santitham area of Chiang Mai, with lots of local life at your footsteps and with only 900 meters to the northwest corner of the old city moat and the ancient walls surrounding Chiang Mai inner city