– Your Local Real Estate Partner In Chiang Mai

Relocating and looking for a Chiang Mai property for rent or sale?

Whether you came across because you are looking for a place to stay or because you are considering to list your property on the market, you have come to the right place. Stayments is an independant and innovative real estate partner, bringing together tenants, landlords, buyers and sellers by focusing both on the residential and commercial real estate market in the region of Chiang Mai. Let us be your number one choice when searching for a condo for rent in Chiang Mai.

For Tenants and Buyers

we offer a selection of turnkey solutions with properties we have handpicked from landlords, decorated each property nice and tastefully as well as equipped some properties with all your daily needs from a fully functional kitchen with all kitchenware to aircondition and high speed internet.

For Landlords

Stayments offers a level of customer service unparalleled in Chiang Mai. We will send a professional photographer to your property to take high quality photos, which are after post processing published on the website. When showing your property to potential buyers or tenants, our agents will prepare the property beforehand in a very presentable fashion to give you the highest chance of a sale. The level of professionalism that our agents provide, you will not find with any other company.

Our services includes:

    • Long Term Rental Listing – List your property with us and maximize your chances of finding the right tenant through our established network
    • Short Term Listing And Management – We will offer your property to existing customers/travelers in our network, manage your property, such as check in/check out, cleaning, decoration, laundry etc.
    • Tenant Registration With Thai Authorities – By managing your property we will be responsible and do the legal registrations with Thai authorities when foreigners are hosted in your property.
  • Legal Contracts Between Tenant And Landlord – We ensure that all administration and paperwork are completed properly and turned in to a legal binding contract to protect both Landlords and Tenants

Do you want to find your new home Quick and Easy?

The task of going through hundreds of properties trying to find that place you can call home can be very hard. Especially when you find that properties are rented out but the website was never updated! Or the photos on the website are dark and badly taken. You spend hours and hours doing all the work and feel frustrated when real estate agencies can’t deliver.

We at Stayments aim to make finding your home much easier! We make sure all our photos are taken professionally and show the true potential of your future home. All our listings are up to date. We strive to serve you as our client by doing all the work from the moment you contact us. That way you can sit back enjoy the day while knowing we will find your next house or condo. – Contact us today and let us find your next home for you! 

Do you want to sell or rent out your property as fast as possible?

What is the most important thing when it comes to selling your home? Presentation. Without a good presentation, not many people will want to come view your home whether it’s for sale or rent.

If you check many real estate websites, you will see how dark and small the photos are. Many other real estate agencies take photos with  an ipad/phone. Sometimes they even ask you to send them photos that you have to take yourself! – At Stayments, we use professional photography equipment. Because we want to do everything we can to sell or rent out your property as fast as possible. We produce high quality photos showing the true potential of your home to a future tenant or buyer.

Without professional photos, you might miss out on up to 50% of your potential viewings of your home! Take a moment to browse our site so you can see for yourself what kind of work we do. We are the BEST choice to get your property rented out or sold, It’s that easy! – Contact us today!