Buying a property whether it’s a house or a condominium is a big decision and an investment in the future where potential buyers are spending hour after hour searching for the right property that they would like call home. We all know that the search itself is a time consuming process where several properties are being evaluated and considered qualified for a viewing or not, a decision that’s based on the first impression and the overall presentation.

We know presentation is everything as the first and very important step in representing your property and you can trust our skilled and professional team when it comes to photos, videos and editing, or even staging your property if needed and this way we’re able to create a property listing that will generate traffic and attract potential buyers or tenants, and at the end of the day it will lead into more viewings booked due to the high quality photo and video material created.

Stayments Properties Chiang Mai is a real estate agency that’s specialized in the presentation of your property because we care and we know how to perform.

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